Winter in Our Watershed



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A Healthy Buffer

A healthy buffer is filled with native trees, shrubs, and ground covering plants and is wide enough - 100 ft wide - to filter pollution, hold and absorb flood waters and create healthy habitat.

Support 100 foot + Buffers

Support 100 foot plus buffers for the Brandywine. Buffers are a source of economic capital, preserved and protected they mitigate stormwater naturally. They are nature's best management practice.


Welcome to Our Blog

One of the goals of this website is to introduce new and up to date information about the state of our local waters - and talk to you! What you think is important! That's why we've set up a blog. Maybe you have some insight regarding our local watersheds and the best ways to preserve them. Maybe you'd like to share your interest in fishing by keeping the locals up to date on Marsh Creek Lake conditions, or how you see changes in the river that is having some effect on the health of fish or wildlife. Maybe you have some questions that we can research to find answers for. Hopefully, you'll find a community that thinks a lot like you do, and wants to preserve the water health and habitat that makes this such a great region to live in. We look forward to hearing from you! Visit our Blog!