East Branch of the Brandywine Creek Riparian buffers

Building a line of defense to protect our waters of the East Branch of the Brandywine Creek (EBBC).


The east branch of the Brandywine is located in an area that forms a drainage basin which is the largest in the county, encompassing 290 square miles and accounting for about thirty-eight percent (38%) of the county's land area.

No place along the Brandywine is far from water - the land and each action carried out on the land - is inextricably tied to its waters. Whether it is out local streams and tributaries, our freshwater streams and wetlands, these waters provide drinking water, food, and habitat for people, plants, aquatic life and wildlife. Plus these waters along EBBC provide enormous recreational benefits for all Pennsylvanians.

Protecting our present riparian buffers and the need to continue to line these waters with native trees and grasses in the form of riparian buffers is a vital step in the efforts to protect the East Branch of the Brandywine water resources.

We need your help in creating a line of defense to protect our waters here along the EBBC.

What are Riparian Buffers?

Riparian buffers are transition areas between water and the land. They link terrestrial upland ecosystems to stream, river or wetland ecosystems. The buffers we need to protect are the areas that are thickly forested along the streamside area. Although we can plant new buffers, we need to enact legislation to protect our present buffers along our 'high quality' streams as they serve several important functions.

The Science is In! Forested Buffers are our Best Defense!


These suggestions were provided with permission from the Campaign for Clean Water for PA - www.pacleanwater.org.

Download the PA Campaign for Clean Water's flyer: "Buffers 100 - Beside every good stream is a good buffer" to share with your friends and neighbors so they too can understand the impact and the importance buffers will have on the Upper East Branch of the Brandywine.

The best way to protect our communities and streams from...

The best way to grace our communities with...

is to protect and create healthy buffers along our streams, creeks, wetlands, and rivers.

Want to be in the know?

Then download this 24 page guide "Protecting Streams in PA" and gain background information and useful tips for securing stronger local protections for the East Branch of the Brandywine. The Delaware Riverkeeper Network was kind enough to provide us this guide and are a great resource.

Support 100 foot + Buffers

Support 100 foot plus buffers for the Brandywine. Buffers are a source of economic capital, preserved and protected they mitigate stormwater naturally. They are nature's best management practice.

Writing Riparian Buffer Ordinances

We thank The Chesapeake Bay Foundation and their gracious offer that allow us to post their "Protecting Your Water Resources - A Glimpse of a Model Municipal Ordinance"

And a big thank you also to the Delaware Riverkeepers Network who has allowed us to link to their Protecting Streams in Pennsylvania: A Resource for Municipal Officials which is a great starter guide for individuals to understand what to expect from officials who have the responsibility to be stewards of PA's natural resources.


A Healthy Buffer

A healthy buffer is filled with native trees, shrubs, and ground covering plants and is wide enough - 100 ft wide - to filter pollution, hold and absorb flood waters and create healthy habitat.