Map of the Upper East Branch of the Brandywine

Upper East Branch of the Brandywine, Chester County PA

The map is provided by the Brandywine Conservancy. Click on this PDF link to download an expandable version of the map so you can zoom in to get a closer look.

A collection of educational tools for water resources

Stormwater Outreach Materials and Reference Documents

Nonpoint Source (NPS) Outreach Toolbox

Public Education and Outreach on Stormwater Impacts

EPA Watershed Outreach

CWF Buffer Fact Sheet

CWF Wellhead Protection

DRN Municipal Guide for Writing Ordinances for the Protection of our Water and Natural Resources

Chester County Planning Commission's Letter on Wallace Township's PCCC 1323

DRK Municipal Guide for Writing Ordinances for the Protection of our Water and Natural Resources

A Legal Analysis of Riparian Buffer Ordinances in PA
by Matt Royer

Center for Watershed Protection

Expand Marsh Creek Park

Upper East Branch, Brandywine Creek Watershed Conservation Plan

Conservation Plan in PDF Format (61 pages) by the Brandywine Conservancy and the Upper East Branch Steering Committee - March 1, 2004

Maps - correspond to those referenced in conservation plan (above)

Map 1 - Base Map Map 2 - 1995 Land Use
Map 3 - Topography Map 4 - Elevation
Map 5 - Surface Geology Map 6 - Soils
Map 7 - Water Resources Map 8 - Water Withdrawals & Discharges
Map 9 - Forest Habitats Map 10 - Recreational Resources & Protected Lands
Map 11 - Water Resources Conservation Priorities Map 12 - Riparian Buffers
Map 13 - Agricultural Preservation Priorities Map 14 - Forest Hubs & Corridors

Wallace Township

Map of Wallace Base

Map of Wallace's Habitat Corridors

Map of Wallace's Woodland Classification

Map of Wallace's Exceptional Natural Areas & Rare Plant Species Sites

Map of Wallace's Exceptional Natural Areas & Rare Species Sites (very long download)

Transcript of Thomas Comitta's Testimony Given on March 31, 2009 to the Wallace Township BoS (Thomas Comitta is President of Thomas Comitta Associates, Inc. Town Planner and Landscape Architects)

Botanical Survey of Wallace Township (PDF)

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Writing Riparian Buffer Ordinances

We thank The Chesapeake Bay Foundation and their gracious offer that allow us to post their "Protecting Your Water Resources - A Glimpse of a Model Municipal Ordinance"

And a big thank you also to the Delaware Riverkeepers Network who has allowed us to link to their Protecting Streams in Pennsylvania: A Resource for Municipal Officials which is a great starter guide for individuals to understand what to expect from officials who have the responsibility to be stewards of PA's natural resources.

A Healthy Buffer

A healthy buffer is filled with native trees, shrubs, and ground covering plants and is wide enough - 100 ft wide - to filter pollution, hold and absorb flood waters and create healthy habitat.